agle Claw Kung-Fu Schooll UK

Annual Awards List.



Beginners and Intermediate Kids Kung Fu

Hardest Worker – James Boland

Most Improved – Nandana Dhanabal

Most Dedicated – Salvatore Puma Riso

Advanced Kids Kung Fu

Hardest Worker – Alexandae Sevenou

Most Improved – Savannah Lu

Most Dedicated – Evie Cullum

Tai Chi

Most Improved – Mandeep Kaur Bahra

Most Dedicated – David Coward

Adults Kung Fu

Hardest Worker – Karim Ghanem

Most Improved – Nigel Lu

Most Dedicated – Ismail Hussain

Open Awards

Courage Award – Cecilia Calamante

Most Vivacious Student – Sue Housego

Most Helpful Student – Andrew Small

Furthest Travelled Student – Christian Kubiak

Above and Beyond – Malcolm Wheeler

Above and Beyond – Jan McIntyre

Student of the Year (as voted for by the students) – Ismail Hussain

Shifu’s award for Most Outstanding Student – Adam Wilson



Special Recognition Award

Shifu presented two surprise awards; Da Shan (meaning Big Mountain), to two long-standing students, in recognition of all the hard work and essential support they give Shifu and the school, quietly in the background. Their efforts help the school run smoothly and prosper. Mountains provide stability and longevity.

Da Xi Xiong Stuart Keating

Shi Jie Sophie Marie Glover


Annual New Year Party – Awards list