The Eagle Claw system can be viewed as a soft hard style, soft in movement hard in application. It is light and springy, with swift footwork, pliable body and solid stances.

Eagle Claw applies 7 key principls in it’s use

  • Jow Da Cum Na (seizing and locking)
  • Dim Yut Bye Hei (attacking pressure points and stopping the flow of breath)
  • Cow Wai Sau Fung (locking)
  • Diu Sau Fing Lau (controlling, pushing and pulling)
  • Sim Jim Tong Na (twisting, jumping and dropping to the floor)
  • Noi Sup Chung Dit (falling and techniques using the waist)
  • Fun Gun Chor Gwat (splitting the tendons and shattering bones)

The following can also be used:

  • Jow Gun – Gripping Tendons
  • La Yuet – Pressure Point
  • Lau Chor – Twisting and dislocating joints

Various powers or ging/jing are developed in eagle claw:

  • Yaam Lek – Unexpected
  • Yeung Lek – Obvious
  • Yao Lek – Soft
  • Daan Lek – Reflect
  • Cheun Lek – Inch
  • Gong Lek – Hard
  • Choi Lek – Clear