Welcome to the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK in Maidenhead, Berkshire; teaching Chinese Martial Arts to Men, Women and Children of all ages.

We are England’s longest established Eagle Claw Kung Fu School, operating full time since 1997 and based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK. We are open 6 days a week with dedicated training facilities and fully equipped in the traditional style of a genuine Kung Fu training centre.

We mentor and train men, women and children of all nationalities and from all walks of life in traditional Chinese martial arts and activities.
We offer expert tuition for adults and children in:

• Eagle Claw Kung Fu
• Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong
• Traditional Lion Dance
• Natural healing and medicinal therapies

Our tuition incorporates a full range of skills and benefits; from personal protection and self-defence to applicable knowledge and use of the Chinese martial arts, to give modern well-being with improved health, flexibility and core strength conditioning.

The Eagle Claw approach builds well balanced, strong, resilient, healthy and happy members, who are able to take their martial arts skills and benefits thereof into all areas of their life. In turn our members have a strong sense of community and family that is supportive, friendly and inclusive; helping all our students to feel part of something bigger than just themselves.

The Lion Dance and Demonstration Team often take part in events within the local community and surrounding areas, performing and promoting the Chinese martial arts and cultural diversity benefits to all.

The director of the school, Shifu Julian Dale, has been learning Chinese martial arts since 1985. He began teaching in 1992 at local community centres in and around the Berkshire area, before opening his first full time Chinese martial arts school in 1997. After 6 years the student base had outgrown the location and we moved to our current location in Maidenhead that offers a larger Wu Guan (school) of 2,500 sq ft.

Traditional Chinese martial arts taught at the school have direct links to the teachers and martial arts family of Shifu Julian Dale, through his links to Hong Kong and China. The Eagle Claw Kung Fu we teach can be traced back to the founding birthplace and founding village of the Eagle Claw system in GuZhuangTo cun, Xiongxian, Hebei Province in North China.
In 2018 Shifu Dale became the first westerner to be accepted as a family disciple in the founding village of this ancient martial arts system. This heritage to the birth place of Eagle Claw gives us unique access to the very essence of the original system, so that nothing is lost in translation.

Shifu Dale, as a teacher, is passionately dedicated to passing on and sharing all that he has learned and continues to learn in his Chinese martial arts journey. This passion of dedication, perseverance and patience is keenly experienced by all our students; in fact, most of them think he lives at the Kung Fu School – which is pretty much true – he truly lives the life of a devoted martial arts instructor and shares his knowledge and kindness without reservation or prejudice.

Safeguarding and Welfare of our students is very important for us . Andrew Small is our designated Safeguarding officer, his information and contact info can be found on our Team page. All Instructors and coaches are fully DBS checked and insured. Our Safeguarding code and policy is available for veiwing at our school premises