Our aims is to pass on the essence of Internal martial arts as they were designed in China.

Class content

  • Yang Style Tai Ji Quan 式太极拳
  • Chen Style Tai Ji Quan 陳式 太極拳 二路 炮捶
  • Five Element Qi Gung / Wu Xing Qi Gung  五相 Wu Xing Qi Gong
  • Liu He Ba Fa Water Boxing Qi Gung 八勢混元功 Bā Shì Hún Yuán Gōng
  • Bā biàn shēn nèigōng 八變身內功
  • Ba Duan Jin Qi Gung 八段錦
  • Tui Shou Pushing Hands
  • Applications

Tuition takes the style of Tai Ji Quan beyond merely the health level.

Classes are twice a week:

Monday 7pm to 8pm
Thursday 8pm to 9.30pm

From novice to advanced.

Joining is easy – call 01628 780743

About Internal Chinese Martial Arts

Taiji (Thi Chi)The Internal Chinese Martial arts program at the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School offers students a comprehensive and structured training program in the Internal Martial Arts of China.

The International Director for the tuition of Internal martial arts taught here is SiFu Dale’s teacher – Master Ji Jian Cheng, who is based in HangZhou, Zhejiang Province in China. Master Ji Jian Cheng is recognised in the top 100 Masters of China and a 9th level Master – a high accolade for a teacher of Master Ji’s age.

SiFu Dale has been a student of Master Ji since 1991, when he first came to England, and is one of very few still practicing and learning from Master Ji since his first visit.

There are many methods of Tai Ji Quan practiced globally today. Some of the more popular styles are Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, Hao. Some of the less known versions are ZhaoBao, ChenPanLing, HuanYan Tai Ji Quan.
Our main focus is Yang short form  and Chen Style Tai Ji Quan, Pao Chui Cannon Fist.

Tai Ji Quan is first and foremost a martial art system, that has great health benefits gained as part of its practice. However, many people view Tai Ji Quan simply as moving meditation or soft exercises. If we only practice one small element of Tai Ji how can we reap the full benefits of complete or whole practice.

We are currently setting up an international exchange program with the Jiliang University, Hangzhou, China where Master Ji is one of the Directors to allow overseas students to study there.

Taiji (Tai Chi)

Class information

Our Tai Ji Class structure:

We begin with a group warm up session of Qi Gung, which are methods for the practice of relaxation, loosening the muscles, increasing joint range of motion and calming/focussing the mind.

From there students are taught Yang Style 24 step Tai Ji Quan, progressing onto Chen Family Pao Chui or Chen family Cannon boxing.

Applications – Single Tui Shou and Double Tui Shou Pushing hands exercises.

Various methods of Qi Gung being taught:

Ba Duan Jin – builds strong muscle connection, tendon and ligament strength – good for martial arts

The 8 core Ji Ben Gung basic practice methods of Liu He Ba Fa – Water Boxing – good for teaching connection

Wu Xing Qi Gung – 5 Element Qi Gung – good for health and conforms with Chinese medicine theory

We actively promote the martial arts aspect of all our Internal Arts. When practiced correctly, they bring great health benefits, improve posture, increase muscle tone and strength.