Eagle Claw Kung Fu Online

We are delighted to formally announce a worlds first fully online Eagle Claw Kung Fu Training Program.
We have created 47 dedicated instructional videos allowing students to develop a firm set of foundation skills in the Northern Chinese Eagle Claw kung fu system.
In this course we cover Stances, Kicking, Punching, Striking, Eagle Claw power and development exercises, as well as 10 specific hand training methods called Ying Zhao Shou Fa Shi Lu, which are taken from the core of the system. Nei jia internal training methods, warm up exercises and all the skills we teach to our direct students within our Eagle Claw Kung Fu Family.
Each video is personally demonstrated by Shifu Dale and includes commentary instruction. This course is available to access via digital media anywhere in the world and you have lifetime access to the course.
From here any students who wish to take their learning further within our family will already have made a great start on their journey of Eagle Claw Ying Zhao Fan Tzi and we will be delighted to help you learn directly from us, advancing and deepening your knowledge.
Please follow the link below to access and join up to the worlds first online Eagle Claw Kung Fu Training Program

Click here : Eagle Claw Kung Fu Online Course

Eagle Claw Boxing of Northern China published by Shifu Julian Dale
Eagle Claw Boxing of Northern China published by Shifu Julian Dale

Published here for the first time is unique translations from one of Hong Kong’s most famous Northern Style Kung Fu teachers, Grand-Master Liu Fa Meng. Painstakingly translated into English, precious insights into skills methods and practices on the Eagle Claw kung fu system are available to the western audience. This book is in the old style of a Chuan Pu (Kuen Po) or Fist Manual, a guide on how to practice and essential points, text focussed so that the reader pays attention to the theories idea’s and words, it makes for an essential addition to any martial arts practitioners library of books.

The book is available on amazon.co.uk and ships worldwide.

It is also available at : www.buddhasbasement.co.uk