The Wulin Martial World we often find Yuen fan – Fate /Destiny often connects us to good people and new found brothers in martial arts.

We were delighted to welcome Toni Parada (Chen Zhiqiang) Shifu to our Wu Guan , while he was on vacation from Thailand in the UK.

We enjoyed his great company over 6+ hours, the first few hours we were able to spend time talking with Toni , drinking fine chinese tea accompanied by the Da shixiong and Er shixiong of our Ying Zhao Wuguan.

During this time, we shared stories of our own personal chinese martial arts journey, our thoughts on Wu de (Martial ethics) training and practice. Finding many similarities in personal journies and shared values, including many common ground principles of skills , theories and methods on Chinese arts.

Toni comes with a deep back ground in the Neijia Internal arts of Taiji Quan, Hsing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang , he was kind enough to talk, discuss and demonstrate his personal thoughts on these arts to students of the school, openly and without restraint. Students commented how much of the discussion echoed many of the teachings in our school

Though we have known each other for some time, this was our first meeting in person, the good energy and freindship flowed effortlessly like the Dao.

When the Heart grows Larger than the Fist then Mastery is Found

The whole evening left a great feeling of warmth and new found relationships in Wulin, that will last long into the future and always find a home with us whenever Toni visit’s the UK.

Thank you Toni Shifu for your visit, we will miss you untill we see you again

Welcome guest within the Wulin Wartial World