Shifu Julian Dale
The Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK are Directed by Shifu Julian Dale, who has over 39 years experience in Chinese martial arts, having spent long periods of time training in Hong Kong, China and in America.
Shifu Dale is a 6th Generation lineage disciple with the direct decscendants of the Eagle Claw system in the founding Village GuZhuangTocun in Xiongxian Hebei province China and the only western representative of the family there. Shifu Dale is also the first non Chinese person to be accepted directly into the family in China, a great honour and siginificant acceptance.

Shifu Dales area of specialty, is that of Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu 國際祖庭鷹爪門武館 it is this style that he has given a life long dedication to practicing. Shifu Dale is also a qualified health care practitioner, using traditional herbal remedies to treat martial arts and sports injuries, massage/manipulation and a qualified clinical nutritionist.

In addition to Eagle Claw Kung Fu Shifu Dale has been taught extensively in the Internal martial arts such as Chen Style Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong by Master Jian Cheng Ji of HangZhou China.

Shifu Dale has also received instruction and teaching by renowned internal Martial Arts Master Dr. Kenneth Fish Washington DC USA.

It is my commitment to each and every student, to pass on the Eagle Claw system, as completly as I can, ensuring that a high level of quality is not only taught but retained by the student. There are no special magic or mystical skills, there is only hard work and preseverance.


Shifu Dale has been seen on various Televsion and film programs demonstrating Eagle Claw Kung and with his students, in addition the school lion dance and demo team has also featured on Television.

Here is a short list of Media work:

  • Fight Plus TV – Opening credits and showreel
  • Channel 5 Jackie Chan Documentary “The Inside Story”
  • BBC “Temper That Temper”
  • Toonami
  • Manga TV
  • CNX
  • Cartoon Network
  • The Quest
  • CCTV China
  • Taiwan Central Television

Shifu Dale has been featured in many Martial arts magazines over the years on eagle claw.

Combat Magazine, Martial Arts Illustrated, Martial Arts Plus, Kung Fu Secrets etc.

If you would like to book Shifu Dale and the Demo Team, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01628 780743

E: [email protected]