Chinese martial arts have many methods for training and skill development.
The following is a list of just some training methods used in Eagle Claw:

Ma Faat – Stance Training

Kuen Faat – Fist Training

Teui Faat – Kicking Training

Sau Faat – Hand Training

Bo Faat – Stepping Training

Grabbing and holding pots filled with stones
Grabbing and holding pots filled with stones

Solo practice forms or routines which are the catalogue or library of movements linked together in sequences of continous practice:

Forms – Two person or more.
Weapon Forms – Solo and partner.

Tossing and grabbing bags filled with stones, gravel for developing seizing skills in the fingers
Tossing and grabbing bags filled with stones/gravel for developing seizing skills in the fingers

Hey Gung – Breathing exercise
Chi Gung – Internal energy exercises

The Eagle Claw system, is a well rounded system incorporating self defence/fighting skills at all ranges: close, medium and long; low, middle and high, hand striking – both with the fist and open hand, kicking, throwing, seizing or grabbing.

Picture of Eagle Claw Hand Technique Deu Sau
Picture of Eagle Claw Hand Technique- Deu Sau

Taught progressively through forms or routines, which develop different body skill sets as they get higher and more complex. Forms or routines are a library or catalogue of individual techniques, which must then be understood through use of application.

The eagle claw system is taught in a systematic and progressive way, once the sequence or form is learned, it is then broken down into individual techniques which are then in turn broken down into applications.

At the heart of the eagle claw system is the trinity or heart forms of the system. These are:

Hun Kune Sup Loh – The Ten Roads of Eagle Claw
Lin Kune Ng Sup Loh – 50 rows connecting or linking fist
Yat Ling Bhat Cum La Sau – 108 two man partner form

It is not until a student has fully learned these three forms and understood how they link together in design and application, that the student can call himself a true eagle claw practitioner.

School - Lin Gung
Training Equipment used daily at the Eagle Claw School