Eagle Claw Kung-Fu

Eagle Claw is a classical system of Kung Fu, a complete and rounded, encompassing increasingly difficult free hand set, martial tumbling, gymnastic routines, and numerous weapons.

Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gong

The Internal Martial arts program at the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School offers students a comprehensive structured training program in the Internal Martial Arts of China.

Lion Dance

The Eagle Claw kung fu school Demo team can be seen performing at many different types of events, from Weddings, Chinese New Year celebrations, Business openings,, etc.

Our School – Wu Guan

Our School – Wu Guan

Our school offers a unique centre of excellence in which to learn Authentic Chinese Martial arts Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gung and Lion Dance. The Primary Kung Fu styles systems that we teach are Northern Chinese Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Chi Gung, Yang and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. Open 6 days a week with classes for children and adults men and women in Kung fu and Tai Chi Chuan, private lessons, also Holistic health care massage and injury treatment. Students come from all walks of life, and across the UK and Europe to be part of our organisation.

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It is my commitment to each and every student, to pass on the Eagle Claw system, as completly as I can, ensuring that a high level of quality is not only taught but retained by the student. To allow students to improve their levels of fitness and flexibility, to develop core self defence and fighting skills with Eagle Claw Kung Fu, to improve physically and mentally, bring all round life enhancing experiences and benefits. There are no special magic or mystical skills, there is only hard work and preseverance.

Julian Dale Shifu