Official announcement from the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK October 2018
Eagle Claw (Ying Zhao Fanzi men) Zuting- (Ancestral Hall & Birthplace)
Sixth-generation lineage holder and inheritor Mr Chen Junxin 陈俊新 of GuZhuangToucun Village, Xiongxian, Hebei China PRC declares that :
On 22nd September 2018, Mr Julian Dale (Dao Jihong 道志鸿) from Maidenhead Berkshire UK officially became the Six Generation Eagle claw Fanzi men inheritor and family member, he is of the direct lineage of the head of the fifth generation Eagle Claw Fanzimen Master Liu Shuyan (劉書芸) and Yun Zhijiang, who learned from, Liu Zhanwu (劉占五) who learned from Liu Chiwen (劉啟文) , son of Liu Chungyo (劉有成) , who learned from the founder of Eagle Claw Fanzimen Liu Shijun (劉士俊) . Recognising the source of the system as Patriarch Yue Fei

2018年9月22日来自英国伦敦的JULIAN DALE正式成为鹰爪翻子门祖庭第六代传承人,师承第五代掌门刘书彦和第五代代掌门尹志江一脉,由陈俊新代师传艺,从此鹰爪翻子门祖庭功夫在欧洲英国扎根
Chen Junxin will pass on the orthodox skills and methods of the complete Eagle Claw Fanzimen system on behalf of the Masters and Ancestors, from here on Julian Dale will work with Chen Junxin and his Zuting brother so that the orthodox martial art of Eagle Claw Fanzimen Zuting will take root in the United Kingdom & Europe.
JulianDale在欧洲传授鹰爪翻子门功夫已有二十几年,拥有多家武馆,学生众多,每年受当地政府的赞扬,中国驻英国大使亲自接见并对他传播鹰爪功夫表示感谢,这次陈俊新为了答谢他为传承鹰爪功夫的辛苦努力,为他举行鹰爪翻子门祖庭破例的替师收徒仪式,用正式的仪式欢迎他加入鹰爪祖庭,他也因此成为刘书彦和尹志江的入室徒弟,陈俊新把自己心爱的古剑作为信物送给Julian Dale, 他表示为了答谢鹰爪翻子门祖庭的诚意他将用自身现有的武馆和所有的资源支持祖庭的传承建设,他和祖庭师兄弟们相辅相成共同打造祖庭鹰爪功夫的新篇章!
Julian Dale has been teaching Eagle Claw Fanzimen martial art in Europe for over 25 years, and practicing Chinese martial arts for 34 years. He has schools and students both in the UK and Europe, with his UK school being the oldest and longest running full time Eagle Claw Kung Fu School in the UK

Julian Dale’s Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK has received recognition from the British Prime Minister Rt hon Theresa May, and also Ambassadors and Ministers from the Chinese Embassy in London, who expressed their appreciation to Julian for teaching Eagle claw martial art.
In recognitions for Julian Dales efforts and dedication to the Eagle Claw system over the past 25 years, Chen Junxin made an exception and held an official Bai Shi (Disciple) ceremony by the Eagle Claw Fanzimen Zuting in the ancestral hall of the founding Masters of Eagle Claw Fanzi men to accept Julian as a disciple on behalf of the masters and formally welcome him in to the Eagle claw Zuting family , furthermore he also will become an internal disciple of Master Liu Shuyan and Yun Zhijiang, Chen Junxin presented Julian Dale with his favourite sword as a keepsake
The Baishi cremeony was held in witness by Five of the Zuting Ancestral hall brothers, standing in representation of the Five Tigers of Eagle Claw from GuZhuangtoucun village Hebei China
In appreciation of the sincerity shown by Chen Junxin from Eagle claw Zuting, Julian Dale will use his current resources to support the teaching and expansion of the Orthodox Eagle Claw system Zuting from the founding village GuZhuangtoucun in Hebei province China, Julian Dale will act as the sole representative in both the UK & Europe he and his Zuting brothers will support each other and together they will create a new chapter in the Zuting Eagle claw martial art.

*notes: Julian Dale has known his teacher Mr Chen Junxin since 2007 and found him to be of exceptional character, extolling the virtues of WuDe/MoDut (Martial ethics) and having very deep knowledge of the compete Eagle Claw system as taught in the founding village, it’s training skills methods and applicable approach to developing deep skills and knowledge rarely seen outside of China.

Official Eagle Claw Family Announcement Oct 2018