Ken Delves Lao Shi Visit 8/05/2017.We were delighted to welcome Ken Delves LaoShi (teacher) a long-term friend of ShiFu Dale’s back to the school for an afternoon visit and discussion on all things Martial Arts. Ken Delves has visited the school many times over the years, each time he shares insights and knowledge from his extensive background in Internal Chinese Arts such as Hsing Yi Quan (Shape Intention Fist), Ba Gua Zhang ( 8 Triagram Palm) and more

Ken Delves and Shifu Dale spent time discussing detailed principles on body methods of Chinese arts in particular deeper stages of developing rib and spinal power , vectors and transmission lines through body structure, with his extensive background in engineering Ken is able to explain complex principles in easy to understand engineering metaphors.

Shifu Dale was fortunate to meet Ken Delves through an introduction many years ago by one of his teacher’s Dr Kenneth Fish, both Kenneth Fish and Ken Delves share similar ways of explaining complex principles in Chinese Martial Arts, allowing for a greater level of understanding in the deeper skills to be trained.

A very pleasurable afternoon of good friendship, good discussion, training and lots of fine Chinese tea was had, these long term bonds of friendship across different Chinese systems and styles help enrichen all the lives of the students here at our school and we are thankful that Shifu Dale maintains such good friends in the martial arts world. We look forward to seeing Ken Delves again in the future

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Ken Delves Lao Shi Visit 8/05/2017
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