Sunday the 9th of April saw our Lion Dance Team travel to Oxford for the first British Open Lion Dance Championships.

Lion dance showcase at British Open

Up bright and early for a Sunday and travelling in a convoy of vehicles with parents helping to transport team members and all the equipment of three Lions, flags banners, large pots for the Lion to jump, bridges to cross. Our team gave showcase performances in Traditional Foshan style Lion Dance as part of the demonstration promotional event in Lion dance skills.

11 members of the team performed during the day with two show case demonstrations. The first, Lion Crossing a Broken Bridge to retrieve a scroll from the Peach Tree, this entailed the students having to jump on pots, lower a bridge, cross the bridge and Lion head jump onto the shoulders of the person in the tail to reach the top of the tree retrieving the scroll. This demonstrated elements of balance, timing and complex team work to complete.

Our second performance of the day, covered the key basic skills of a Lion dance from the opening sequence, with advancing bows, through 7 star drum High-dance, 3 star drum beats, investigations, greeting of Lions, and 5 star drum sequences to closing end section of a Lion dance. Performed flawlessly with three Lions all in sequence and time from start to finish, adult and children’s lion side by side our team showed how well adults and children are able to do through the training in our team.

A very enjoyable day for the team all coming away having learned more on Lion dance, and a lot of good times together. We’d like to thank everyone for all their efforts on the day.

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Lion dance showcase at British Open
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