Eagle Claw Kung Fu School Annual Chinese New Year Party 2019 Year of the Pig

Each year all our students, friends and family gather together at the Ying Zhao Wu Guan (Mo Kwoon) Kung Fu school to celebrate Chinese New Year all together as a kung fu family.
120 people gathered together on March the 2nd at 6.30pm, where food and drinks were in abundance, to enjoy an evening of Traditional Kung Fu school of awards, conversation and familial unity.Sadly some 25 of our students plus thier families from different classes were unable to attend due to holidays or other commitments

These events bring all students and family together at one time to celebrate the past year and look forward to the coming year. The Kung Fu school was decorated with lanterns, new year scrolls and pictures.
A new chapter of awards and recognition has been added to the new year party event which will continue each year going forward, this recognises students who have achieved great success in their training, or shown great dedication to the school. A student vote was held to decide among the students who should be recognised as student of the year, an award of outstanding student of the year was given as decided by our Shifu, plus 17 other awards and certificates given out.

Special thanks to our guests Mr Richard Lee from Malaysia and Aidan Tierney Sifu from Wing Chun who joined us
We congratulate all those who received awards for all their personal development efforts and achievements over the past year.

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School Annual Chinese New Year Party