Our Shifu travelled to Prague in the Czech Republic to attend the surprise 70th birthday party, for one of his very dear friends Master George Husek. Who operates the Tai Mantis School in Prague and Pisek. Master Husek has been training and teaching Chinese Martial Arts for many years. The primary systems that he teaches are: Tai Ji Preying mantis, Fu Jow (Tiger Claw), Yang style Tai Ji and also Hung Gar.

Master Husek’s altar

The surprise party was organised by Master Husek’s students and had been in preparation since December 2017. Our Shifu was privileged to be the surprise guest of honour at the party, which was held at a very nice Chinese restaurant in the centre of Prague. There were approx. 60 people in attendance. Among which were; students, friends, family and other Shifu’s of Martial Arts.

Shifu Dale and Master Husek

Shifu Dale had the opportunity to enjoy time meeting another good friend at the party: Shifu Zdenek Kurfürst, who is a student of Master Jim Uglow; the renowned Hung Gar teacher in London UK.

Shifu Dale presented Master George Husek with a very fine gift of a Jade dragon necklace to mark his 70th year birthday party.
Our thanks to Dan and Petr for all they did to bring Shifu Dale to Prague for this special event and also thanks to Master George Husek and ShiFu Zdenek Kurfürst, for their kind hospitality in spending time with our Shifu on the following days sightseeing together.

Classical Chinese Martial Arts are one big family.

Shifu Dale. Master Husek and Shifu Zdenek Kurfürst
Master George Husek’s 70th birthday party – Prague 2018