Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK – Chinese New Year party


On a cold and snowy Saturday in March, our school hosted its annual kung fu family Chinese New Year party. Each year we all come together to celebrate the coming New Year; with food, drinks, celebrations, gifts, kung fu performances and lion dance.

This is a special time of year for us, as we look back on all the success and hard work from the previous year and with eagerness look towards the coming year.

This year due to bad weather and heavy snow making driving conditions very hazardous, many of our students were unable to get to the school, but as always we push through, with around 70 people still managing to gather together. Everyone bought fabulous different dishes of food, which were enjoyed through the evening.

Dim Jing

To mark this Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018, our school bought to life a new lion for our lion dance team. This ceremony is called the “Dim Jing” eye dotting ceremony or “Hoi Gong”. This ceremony is performed in front of our Kung Fu ancestral altars; empowering the lion so that when performing it has that power and blessing to correctly do its job. A red ribbon flower (Hong Fa) and mirror are attached to its horn at the end of the Dim Jing ceremony and then the lion is ready to perform.

ShiFu Dale attaching the red ribbon flower – Hong Fa.

This new gold lion brings our school lion collection to 16 Lions.

We sincerely wish each and everyone one of you a very good Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018, may it bring you happiness, prosperity and health.


Lion dance performance with our new lion.
Chinese New Year of the Dog family gathering