This Girl Can, Official Supporter : Shi Jie Sophie-Marie Glover

This Girl Can is a celebration of active women who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets. Funded by The National Lottery and developed by Sport England, the aim is to help women overcome the fear of judgement that is stopping too many women and girls from joining in.

This Girl Can Campaign

Following some upsetting news in July, the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK Studio Manager Shi Jie Sophie, was told she would no longer be able to follow her dreams of teaching and training in Eagle Claw Kung Fu full time, due to health problems. Sophie had planned to use her skills to teach young women how to be safe and protect themselves. She has a huge passion for the growth of women in sport, and was devastated to be told that she could no longer physically help.

Having said that, her determination for her passion refused to be told this was the end.

This Girl Can, Official Supporter : Shi Jie Sophie-Marie Glover

Sophie said: “I took a few days to wallow in self pity, before I pulled myself together. Thinking, ok I can’t physically do it any more, but it doesn’t mean I can’t support and promote to women everywhere that; regardless of your age, height or weight and any health issues you may have, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. It’s a different path that my life has taken and I am willing to start from the very beginning to retrain my body and hopefully regain enough strength to allow me to once again participate in my training. I don’t know how my body will cope or whether I will be able to ever train again but one thing is for sure, I will never give up hope.”

Recently Shi Jie Sophie, was officially accepted as a supporter of the – This Girl Can campaign. She and ShiFu Dale are working on future plans of finding a way for Sophie to help women and girls find passion within sport, spreading the message of hope and determination. Showing and proving that no matter your abilities, there is a sport for everyone.

Shifu Dale said: “Sophie has been working very hard to develop her Eagle Claw Kung Fu skills, sadly her current health problems have curtailed her kung fu training. She has now embarked on a journey of physical rehabilitation to study Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gung. Continuation and determination is very much a key element in not allowing obstacles to stop personal achievements in life – where there is a will; there is a way.”

This Girl Can partnership Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK
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