Prime Minister Theresa May at Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK

On the 25th September, Prime Minister Theresa May attended our traditional Chinese martial arts school, where she received a spectacular tribute in the form of a Lion Dance.

A traditional Chinese Lion Dance, bespoke to the Prime Minister, was performed by our demonstration team; headed by Julian Dale (Shifu) who is the director of the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK. The lion dance consisted of 16 team members, 11 of which were under the age of 16. Each member played a different role; from drumming to being a lion and even a Dai To Fut (happy Buddha character) – who presented the Prime Minister with a personalised scroll; that was collected by Huang Zhong Lion from the top of a heavenly mountain.

Prime Minister being welcomed to the school by Shifu Julian Dale

The scroll was created by Shifu Dale as a gift to the Prime Minister for her 10 years of support and attendance in the local area of Maidenhead. Where she has supported the local Chinese New Year town parade, each year to support this unique cultural event in her constituency. The scroll contains 4 Chinese characters, that come from a legendary story of the Emperor of China; passing down a special award to a high ranking official in China. Three lions were used, one of which was specially made for this performance.

Prime Minister Theresa May and Shifu Julian Dale

The Prime Minister thoroughly enjoyed the performance and said – “The Kung Fu School makes a unique and incredible contribution to Maidenhead life and I’d like to thank all those involved in preparing and performing this traditional Lion Dance. It was a fantastic experience.” Before the performance started the Prime Minister made time to meet all our team members with their close family and our equipment sponsors Spoore Merry and Rixman.

This was an exceptional moment for our students and team, the proud smile across their faces showed how much meeting the Prime Minister and her kind words of support firmly gave the students courage and faith in their skills and demonstration.

Some of the children meeting the Prime Minister

The faith our students have in their ability is of importance to us. We are always encouraging the belief they have within themselves. This shows when they performed a flawless, courageous routine full of energy, strength and most importantly love for what they do.

We are honoured to have had the Prime Minister be with us for this performance and thank her for taking the time out of work to ensure she could be here. The constant support means a lot and we are grateful to her for always being so personable and encouraging towards our team.

We are delighted to introduce members of our school lion dance team who performed for the Prime Minister Theresa May.

From left front row: Moon Ying Merry, Tobias Lattimer, Adam Wilson, Nicholas Lattimer, Michael Lyons. Middle row right to left: Jenson Lu, Evie Cullum, Arthur Sevenou. Back Row Right to left: Stuart Keating, Matt Smith, Malcolm Wheeler, Jan Macintyre, Matt Beddows, Paul Brady, Shifu Dale, *Rt Hon Prime Minister Therersa May* Kiran Merry, Brian Lyons, Arnie Arcunin

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School Lion Dance Team and Prime Minister Theresa May

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一场特别为梅首相编排的舞狮表演, 是由英国鹰爪功夫学校的总监朱利安。戴尔师父率领的示范团演出;英国鹰爪功夫学校是位于伯克郡的梅顿赫市镇,。舞狮队的成员是由16名队员组成,其中11人未满16岁。各名成员都扮演了不同的角色; 从打鼓到舞狮甚至是扮演大头佛(快活佛) – 最后舞狮队还向梅首相献赠一卷为首相特制的卷轴.


梅首相对舞狮的演出非常欣赏并说- 这个武术学校为在梅顿赫市镇生活做出来了独特而不可思议的贡献,也感谢所有参与筹备和演出这个传统狮舞的人士。 这是一个奇妙的体验。“在演出开始之前,梅首相腾出时间与舞狮团队员家人和本校的设备赞助商: 史博蜜蔓及卫士基金的代表会面。


Prime Minister visits Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK