Shifu Dale visits Christian Kubiak and students in Germany
Shifu Dale visits Christian Kubiak and students in Germany

ShiFu Dale returned to Germany towards the end of 2016, visiting his student Christian Kubiak and group in Herne. These visits are part of the on going teaching and training program with Christian and his students, furthering their knowledge skills and abilities within the Ying Zhua Fan Zi Men Northern Eagle Claw system.

The training and teaching covered applicable use of the system, mind-set and in-depth analysis of footwork and body mechanics. All layering to further enhance knowledge and understanding of the group. Time was taken to work both individually and in group training, with all the students having a lot of knowledge to keep enhancing their skill set.

During the trip, a very pleasurable evening party was held at the club house and a warm welcome by honoured friend and guest Friedhelm Tippner Laoshi who operates the Ying Men School Neuss in Germany teaching Liu He Ba Fa, Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji.

These visits are made that more enjoyable by the close bond and family feeling of shared time and experience together.

Shifu Dale returned to Germany 2016
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