Eagle Claw Boxing of Northern China published by SiFu Julian Dale
Eagle Claw Boxing of Northern China published by SiFu Julian Dale

Published here for the first time is unique translations from one of Hong Kong’s most famous Northern Style Kung Fu teachers, Grand-Master Liu Fa Meng. Painstakingly translated into English, precious insights into skills methods and practices on the Eagle Claw kung fu system are available to the western audience. This book is in the old style of a Chuan Pu (Kuen Po) or Fist Manual, a guide on how to practice and essential points, text focussed so that the reader pays attention to the theories idea’s and words, it makes for an essential addition to any martial arts practitioners library of books.

The Northern Eagle Claw Boxing System – Ying Zhua Fan Zi Quan, dates back some 950 years to the Sung Dynasty and the famed General Yueh Fei. Used extensively by General Yueh Fei’s soldiers during military campaigns in the Northern territories of Northern China against the invading Jurchen (Mongol) tribes, it proved to be a highly effective combat system. The Eagle Claw system has spread from the North of China to all parts of Asia , Europe and the USA. At it’s core are the Three Treasure’s or pillar TaoLau forms: Xing Quan (The 10 Roads), Lian Quan (50 Line Linked first) and Yi Ling Ba Ling Cum La Shou (108 Two Man Routine). From these Three Treasure routines the Northern Eagle Claw System is robust and full of deep skill.

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It is also available at : www.buddhasbasement.co.uk

'Methods of the old Masters'
‘Methods of the old Masters’
Newly published Eagle Claw book
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