Da Xi Xiong Stuart Keating, ShiFu Dale, ShiFu Stevens, Rob Thomas

ShiFu Dave Stevens of the Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) Athletic Association UK & Europe, travelled from London with his student Rob Thomas to visit ShiFu Dale at the Ying Zhua Wu Guan (Eagle Claw School) in July 2017.

ShiFu Dale and ShiFu Dave Stevens have been long term good friends for many years, working together and supporting each other in various Chinese martial arts events in the UK. Also, working together promoting the traditional Fatsan (Foshan) skills of Lion dance in the UK.

In 2012 Lion dance teams from many different kung fu schools came together as part of an International martial arts show, of which ShiFu Dale was the Director of Chinese arts at the event. Here the many teams collaborated to set a British record for the largest group/team Lion Dance; recognised internationally by the Record Holders Republic. ShiFu Dave Stevens Pak Mei School was one of the teams that took part in that event and holds recognition along with the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School and many others.

ShiFu Dale happily supported ShiFu Stevens at a promotional Lion Dance event early in 2017 showcasing for the British Lion Dance Championships.

Rob Thomas; ShiFu Stevens student is working to support his ShiFu and will be opening a children’s and teenagers class in south east UK. Visiting the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School gave Rob an opportunity to watch and observe two classes for intermediate and advanced kids to teenagers. ShiFu Dale’s students in the advanced teenage group; have been with him for more than 8 years and have developed some great skills and abilities. The two classes gave Rob a clear view of how training and development can be progressively achieved by children, while maintaining all the traditional Chinese martial arts training methods.

After the classes, Shifu Dale’s students- Stuart Keating who is the Da Xi Xiong (Dai Si Hing) most senior of all students along with Xi Jie Sophie-Marie Glover; one of the senior females and studio manager of the school, and Xi Xiong Matt Beddows who works alongside ShiFu Dale as a coach on the Lion dance team, all came together to take ShiFu Dave Stevens and Rob out to our local favourite noodle bar for dinner and further enjoyable conversation and good company.

These friendships and unity in Traditional Chinese martial arts helps to keep the old skills alive and thriving in today’s modern society.

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Pak Mei ShiFu Dave Stevens visits Eagle Claw Kung Fu School