SiFu Julian Dale with student Christian Kubiak
SiFu Julian Dale with student Christian Kubiak

The last week of April saw Christian Kubiak (who heads up our branch in Herne), travel again from Germany to further his studies and learning of Eagle Claw with his teacher SiFu Julian Dale, at the Maidenhead UK Ying Zhua Fan Tzi Men (Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK).

Time and energy was spent focussing on learning form routine called Da Min Zhang (大棉掌) and also essential aspects of the Eagle Claw system that being Xing Quan Shi Lù (行拳十路). Xing Quan is one of the 3 pillar forms or core foundation routines within Eagle Claw.

Alongside the sequencing and explanation of each movement, the precise body mechanics and power generating principles were also taught, further enhancing skill, understanding and ability.

Through this open and direct teaching, we work together to ensure the Ying Zhua Fan Tzi Men – Eagle Claw Kung Fu System prospers in the 21st century.

Christian Kubiak comes to UK Branch
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