A Gathering of Kung Fu Masters

Saturday the 14th of October the Eagle Claw Kung fu School UK was delighted to host the  “UK Kung Fu Gathering”

Now on it’s 5th occasion hosting some of the very best in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts from Across the UK.

Welcoming back to the UK was the head of our eagle claw family from the founding village GuZhuangTou in Xiongxian, Hebei and birth place of Eagle Claw in Northern China, Master Chen Junxin 6th generation inheritor of the Zuting Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan (Ancestral Eagle Claw system) joined by his wife Meng Xianghui

A total of 20 Honoured Guest teachers and thier students gathered with students from the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School, having an event of some 90 people, demonstrations, lion dance and speaches were given. Gracing the event were Mrs Seema Goyal President of the Maidenhead and Windsor District Chamber of Commerce and Mrs Dawn Willock from MAGB.

Months of planning and organising went into this special event that takes place only once every two years.

It was an amazing evening of Freindship, Unity and Harmony within the Wulin World .
Our sincere thanks to the teachers listed below for attending and making this UK Kung Fu Gathering yet another great succes, we look forward to seeing you again in 2025

1. Shifu Chen Junxin Eagle Claw Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan China
2. Shifu Julian Dale Eagle Claw Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan UK
3. ShiFu Jim Uglow Hung Gar
4. Shifu Phil Morell Fan Shi Ba Gua Zhang
5. Shifu Dave Stevens Bak Mei
6. Shifu Tom Braithwaite Lung Ying (Liu He Ba Fa )
7. Shifu David Rogers Hap Gar
8. Shifu Spencer Devine & Shifu Barry Lewis Wing Chun
9. Shifu Bill Moran Ng Cho Kuen
10. Shifu Frank Cooper Lau Gar Kuen
11. Shifu Sean Whittaker Dit Ngau Tong Long
12. Shifu Aidan Tierney Wing Chun
13. Shifu Jon Crump Lung Ying
14. Shifu Phil Davies Kuntao Matjan/Hung Kuen
15. Shifu Gerry Tann Hokkien Kuntao Mantis
16. Shifu James Carrs Yi Quan
17. Shifu Nishan Khednah Chow Gar Tong Long
18. Shifu Ying Ting Sung Hung Gar
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UK Kung Fu Gathering of Masters 英國武林聚會