On Saturday the 21st of Oct, 20 students too part in a 6 hour Eagle Claw applications and 用法 Yong Fa/技法 Jìjī fa application/combat usage seminar with thier Shi Gong Chen Junxin.

Indepthe coaching and explanation on the skills and methods of 10 core Eagle Claw San Shou drills was undertaken.

A chance for the students to get hands on correction and teaching by thier Shi gong was invaluable and enligtening for the students who took part.

At the end of the Seminar Shifu Dale was presented with a large hand written scroll from Master Chen junxin, the caligrapher who made this is from our family village in Xiongxian and has made a lot of the caligraphy artwork in our Wuguan

Eagle Claw Kung Fu Seminar 2023

Eagle Claw Seminar with Master Chen Junxin