We have just learned the sad news of SiSok Athur (Yau Yeung Bing) passing away earlier this year (2023).

We had the pleasure of SiSok staying with us at our home and school for 2 weeks during Oct 2015.

He was a very unique person, a huge heart and great Eagle Claw Skills, the disciple of Late GrandMaster Liu Fa Meng (Lau Fat Mang and probably the first person to teach Eagle Claw in the USA.

Aside from learning Eagle Claw kung fu and history with him he also gave a lot of advice, guidance and life knowledge, he opened my eyes somewhat and helped guide me with insight and knowledge.

Our Shifu often spoke with his SiSok in the years after, who was always, kind, understanding, compassionate and tolerant. He always sought harmony and balance where others could not see it. Though he had a very difficult life in many ways he was able to live in the moment and always be happy.
He will be missed by all who knew him. Thank you SiSok for all you did for us.

Eagle Claw Family Loss 鹰爪翻子門