We were delighted to receive a visit to our Ying Zhao Wu Guan from David Rogers Shifu of the Rising Crane and Hap Gar Kung Fu School.
Shifu Rogers has been a long time practioner of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, having spent many years travelling to Foshan and Guangzho (Canton) in China as a disciple student of his teacher Master Deng Jan Gong. He is the only non-Chinese to have learned the entire Deng family Hap Kune system directly from Master Deng in Canton.

While at our Wu Guan, Shifu Dale and Shifu Rogers spent time discussing Traditional Chinese Martial arts, drinking fine quality chinese tea and sharing travel and training experiences. We are happy to have made more new friends in the Wu Lin World of Martial Arts.

We look forward to seeing you again soon

David Rogers ShiFu Visit 鹰爪翻子門