The Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK has achieved accreditation for Safeguarding in Martial Arts, which is a UK initiative to raise standards within the MA. This coupled with a huge amount of work implemented to become a Covid-safe Martial Arts school, further raising the standards and professionalism of our WuGuan as well as commitment to ensuring the well being and safety of all our students. 

The Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts has been created so that parents and carers can clearly identify a martial arts provider who is proven to have reached and maintained good safeguarding standards. This allows them to make informed decisions when selecting a club for their child.

Achieving the Safeguarding Code demonstrates Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK’s commitment to upholding its duty-of-care to the community and young people, and also recognises Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK as a martial arts provider that has reached and effectively maintained safe practice standards.

Sue Harrison, Stakeholder Marketing at the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts said:

“We are delighted to see that so many clubs, including Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK, have successfully attained the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts.

“When making choices about martial arts schools, parents and carers can easily determine, and be reassured that clubs in their local area are committed to safeguarding and upholding safe practices for their children if they display the Safeguarding Code ‘mark’.”

Safeguarding Code Certificate (5)

Julian Dale Shifu & Director at Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK Inc Maidenhead Kung Fu said:

As Maidenhead’s longest serving full-time Chines martial arts centre, we have always strived to develop the very best in our standards both internationally and locally. We have done so not only by creating a one of a kind training centre and having a track record of unique Chinese Martial Arts connections and training through China & Hong Kong, but further investing into our activities and growth. As a school we are delighted to have achieved accreditation with “Safeguarding in Martial Arts”. A huge amount of work was put into completing the 80 page compliance documentation by members of our Instructor team. This is a great initiative for all Martial Arts within the UK and I would encourage all Martial Arts school to strive for excellence by gaining a Safeguarding in Martial Arts Accreditation.

Developed in consultation with Sport England, representatives from martial arts governing bodies and leading safeguarding experts, the Code is funded by the National Lottery and was launched by the Sports Minister in 2018. To date, over 1200 clubs and settings have now attained the Code and these can be viewed via our interactive map

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK secures SafeGuarding in Martial Arts Accreditation