UK Kung Fu Gathering October 2019

Our sincere thanks to all 120 guests who joined us at the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK, on Saturday the 19th of October, as part of the UK Kung Fu gathering we hold every two years.

This year was very special for us, as Head of our Eagle Claw Family; Master Chen Jun Xin, travelled from his home town and birthplace of the Eagle Claw system in Hebei province China, to announce the official founding of the first overseas branch of the Zuting Chuan Ren Ying Zhao Wu Hu Hui (Ancestral lineage Eagle Claw Five Tigers Association) here in England with Shifu Julian Dale. Both have agreed and taken an oath together to help spread the authentic Eagle Claw methods of the ancestral village, into the UK and Europe.

Esteemed teachers of Chinese Martial arts across the UK, came together as friends and also bore witness to this announcement, demonstrations were given by students of the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK and also some of the guest teachers and thier students. We would like to thank all the students of our school and their families for their continued support and special thanks to our vip guests and their students for attending

UK Kung Fu Gathering at Eagle Claw Kung Fu School 鹰爪翻子門