Our beloved Eagle Claw Uncle Master Zeng cun aged 95 passed away Oct 2019 in Foshan China.

Master Zeng had celebrated his 95th birthday in the summer of this year to large celebrations in Foshan China, he had practiced Eagle Claw since 1936 first studying with his older brother and then directly with Master Liu Fa Meng until 1939 when Master Liu left for Hong Kong. He continued his studies with Master Lei Pei Xian. At this time Master Li Bao Ying was also teaching in Foshan and helped spread the Eagle Claw system further.

Master Zeng was also well versed in Taiji and Liu he Ba Fa, he practiced Eagle Claw and Taiji every morning and evening for the past 70 years, which he attributed to his long healthy life.

Master Zeng was sadly involved in a traffic accident and passed away within a few days. On the very morning of the accident he had been out practicing and teaching in Foshan as he had done every day.
Our Shifu first met Master Zeng in 2006 when he was travelling and researching the roots of our Eagle Claw family system, over the years Shifu and Master Zeng had built a very strong and happy friendship, often exchanging letters and information. Shifu always visited Master Zeng when he was in China and spent time talking and discussing Eagle Claw.
During one of these visits Shifu actively encouraged Master Zeng to help spread his teaching of the Eagle Claw system in Foshan which Master Zeng happily agreed and set up the Foshan Eagle Claw association, now having many followers and recognised as one of the intangible cultural heritage martial arts on Foshan
This sad news has left a great void for our Shifu and also the Eagle Claw greater family as Master Zeng was at the time the oldest Eagle Claw practioners in the world, had this sad incident not happened we are confident Master Zeng would have continued living long past 100 years of age.
Each passing in any family leaves are large void and empty space within the martial arts world, a lifetime pf practice and vast library of knowledge disappears. It is for this reason we as the current generation must make every effort to work hard both in our personal learning and development but also to preserve these old authentic Chinese Martial arts systems so they may live on for the next generation.
Our Shifu will continue to visit and maintain the good friendship that exists on place with the Eagle Claw family in Foshan, such is our family spread far and wide with Eagle Wings
In Memorium Master Zeng cun 1924 to 2019 Foshan China

Eagle Claw Master Zeng Cun passes away aged 95 Foshan China