On the 10th anniversary of the “Chinese School Dortmund”, Christian Kubiak and his team opened the celebrations for the anniversary and the Spring Festival with a lion dance in the Bürgersaal of the Dortmund Town Hall.

Lion entertaining the crowd

Christian and his teams lion dance was the prelude to a colourful program, with many performances by other groups, which presented the 350 guests various contents of Chinese culture. They were able to marvel in a good two hours of fanfare, hip drums, singing, poems, modern dances, etc, before the whole society was invited to dinner together.

They are very pleased to have been a part of this cultural diversity and have also made new contacts for their school.

Liu Cui

As part of the performance, they were able to present a new character in the team. The girlish Liu Cui (翠 翠) was publicly shown by them for the first time and could celebrate a successful debut during the lion dance. Liu Cui supplements the team with their casual and coquettish style with refreshing new trains, which they will continue to develop in the coming months.

Well done to Christian and his team, as always, they gave a fantastic performance.

The lions began the performance on the first floor.
Heading to the stage.
Celebratory performance and Spring Festival, in Germany
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