Ken Delves

Kenneth Delves is a long term friend of one of SiFu Dale’s teachers Dr Ken Fish and has often visited the school. Ken Delves has been practicing chinese martial arts since the 1960’s and has specialised in the art of Hsing Yi Chuan but also studied, Ba Gua Zhang, Tai Ji Quan and Nei Gung/Qi Gung.

The afternoon was spent discussing skills, methods and theories of Internal Chinese martial arts body mechanics and Nei Gung, also applicable power generating body skills.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with people of such deep skill and understanding in Chinese Martial Arts. Having relocated from New York USA to now living in England. Ken Delves will be hosted by the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School to give an annual seminar on Nei Gung/Chi Gung training methods.

Ken Delves LaoShi visits Eagle Claw Kung Fu School
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