Eagle Claw Master James Lau Chi Kin 劉志堅 visited our kung fu school and Shifu in July, a respected kung fu uncle of our Shifu, who our Shifu has not seen for 22 years. Master James Lau visited with his partner Tammy during a brief trip in the UK.

We were all able to enjoy a full 3 and a half days with Master Lau at our school, in between taking Master Liu and his partner Tammy sightseeing on the hottest weekend of the year to the famous Windsor Castle home to the Queen of England and other attractions during thier stay. On the Saturday evening students gathered to meet Master Lau and perform a welcoming Lion dance, though the heat was almost unbearable everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Following a few hours at the WuGuan (kung fu school) we took Master James Lau and Tammy for nice meal a local restaurant around 20 of us attended.

Master James Lau is the son and male inheritor of the Eagle Claw system from his father the late GrandMaster Lau Fat Mang (Liu Fa Meng) of Hong Kong. Shifu enjoyed many hours of discussion and time together with Master Lau, our students were equally delighted when Master Lau chose to give an impromptu class on his superb Lion dance drumming skills and also teach some Traditional Fatsan style Lion dance to the students. Not only does Master James Lau have incredible Eagle Claw kung fu skill he is known as Lion dance Drumming King in Hong Kong, this was a rare opportunity for us all to benefit from his knowledge in this specialist area.

In 1997 Master Lau wrote three pieces of treasured calligraphy for our Shifu which have taken pride of place in in our first full time school and now also our current location for the past 17 years, Shifu was delighted when Master James Lau wrote some more calligraphy and presented him with these as gifts for the school.
Thank you Grandmaster James Lau Chi Kin 劉志堅 for all the time you spent with us and we look forward to our long and continued friendship.
Ying Zhao Yi Jia Ren

Eagle Claw Grandmaster James Lau Chi Kin 劉志堅 (Liu Zhikin) Visits our school 鹰爪翻子門