Summer 2019 saw three students from our Kung Fu school travelling to Foshan in China for vacation to meet their Shi Gong Master Chen Jun Xin 陳俊新, Head of our Eagle Claw Family. Kiran, Justina and their mother Maisim Merry attended the Foshan International Eagle Claw Martial Arts exchange, which brought practitioners of Eagle Claw Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Men together from all across China. While there they also met their Sifu’s very good friend and uncle in Eagle Claw Master, Zeng Cun now at a venerable age of 93 and still practicing Eagle Claw and Taiji daily.

This was a great experience for our 3 students. Our Eagle Claw family network is very large and wide, such is the strength of our family bonds.

Eagle Claw Family in Foshan China 國際祖庭鷹爪門武館